Write For Us!

Are you a teen or young adult? Are you interested in writing and journalism? Most importantly, do you have an interest in politics, music, inequality, feminism, foreign affairs, movies, government, television, issues that affect teens, or just about anything at all? Join the WTP team! Currently, WTP is a small startup magazine, but hopefully, with the exciting new writers and other support, we can make it big! Writing for us can give you a place to be published and have your work read by others!

WTP is focused on spotlighting teens and young adults voices about important issues and topics around the world!

Harrison J. Romero, the founder & editor-in-chief, says:

Our mission is to create a large platform with a vast array of ideas and points of view so that everybody has a voice and those voices may be heard. That is the whole reason I started this magazine: a place where everybody’s point of view is able to be heard, not just the ones with which the editors agree. Our magazine is all by young adults that just want to be heard in a “safe space” where their opinions can be respected.

The only requirement to apply is that you must be able to write an article once or twice a month to be published (of course accommodations can be made if you let us know ahead of time). If you are worried about not having a topic every time, you don’t have to because we believe in helping each other and working together! Someone is always able to help by giving writing prompts and talking about current events. Our writing staff really makes up a small community that is always available to help you out!

In your application, you must include your name, birthday, email, three article pitches, etc. The application is a rolling process, meaning that there is no deadline to apply. We do not require a writing sample, but it is very much encouraged and helpful.

We accept writers regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or citizenship. Writing for us does not offer monetary compensation, but it does offer real life experience, having your work published at a young age, the privilege of getting to put it on your resumé, and even a school/job recommendation letter!

One of the best parts is that we do not accept writers based on their writing abilities because this is a place to get better at writing over time! Our staff is always here to help by providing constructive criticism to make your writing better. We mainly look at your article pitches to make sure that you are informed and up-to-date with current events so you will have well-informed topics for articles.

Once we receive all your information we will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible. Our goal is to get back to you within twenty-four hours, but if it takes us a little longer, do not worry! We will get back to you as quickly as we can.

Here are some reasons why you should join WTP:

  1. Be heard on a platform that promotes our first amendment rights by giving all teens a place to share their views! Take advantage of this public platform that lets you share your ideas and beliefs with people around the world (currently read in 32+ countries), and influence the topics people care about with fair opportunity and expert guidance to bring your insights to the world.
  2. Meet new people from around the world with the same interests and passions! What makes us stand out even more is that not all of our writers even share the same views because we accept writers regardless of their political views.
  3. Stay informed by regularly having a reason to read the news from a reputable source. Because you will probably constantly be on the website, you will see things that you haven’t heard about there as well as article ideas that are sent in the group chat/email.
  4. Try something new because whether or not you have written before or even want to be a career writer or journalist, it’s okay! Many of our contributors never wrote before they joined our magazine and even have completely unrelated goals in mind, but it’s always great to keep an open mind and at least see if you like writing or if you are any good at it! Many of our employees never even realized how much they would like writing before they joined!
  5. Build your resumé and college applications by saying that you wrote for a publication before you even turned twenty. That’s pretty impressive!
  6. Learn about working in the professional world by writing for us! While many people your age might not have the skills to work at big companies and may not learn it until they turn twenty-five or thirty, you can learn the skills right now so you always have a head start when the time comes.
  7. Improve your writing so one day, you can hopefully be writing for bigger companies like the Washington Post or the New York Times! One of our writers even moved on to POLITICO!
  8. Have fun! Writing does not have to be boring, especially when you get to choose the topic and write about something you are passionate about! Honestly though, the magazine is about more than just the writing, because you get to join a community of other active teens who will be our future leaders.

Click here to fill out the application!

If perhaps, you have an article that you would like to submit but are not interested in writing on a regular basis, you can submit your article (with the required information requested in the application) directly to the Editor-in-Chief, Harrison J. Romero, at harrison.romero@wtpmag.com.