10 Best Trump SNL Skits

Image: NBC

While Trump hates it, condemns it, and tweets about it, Saturday Night Live has not stopped mocking the president with their opening sketches starring Donald Trump. Of course, he is not the first president to be the target of an SNL skit, and this is definitely not unprecedented, yet he feels as if it is a personal attack on him and only him. SNL has only become more and more popular since they began writing about their new favorite theme: Donald J. Trump. The Hollywood Reporter has published a list of all of the favorite Trump skits from the past year:

  1. Ivanka Trump’s “Complicit” Ad – “Host Scarlett Johansson’s faux ad for Ivanka Trump’s perfume ‘Complicit’ made such a mark on viewers that it inspired Dictionary.com’s Word of the year for 2017.”
  2. Season 42 Finale: Trump Team Sings “Hallelujah” – “Saturday Night Live brought together cast members that make up President Donald Trump’s cabinet for the season 42 finale cold open this spring.”
  3. Alec Baldwin Pulls Double Duty as Trump and Bill O’Reilly – “Alec Baldwin pulled double duty on SNL‘s April 8 episode, starring as Bill O’Reilly in his very own no-spin zone, interviewing himself in a split screen appearance as President Donald Trump.”
  4. “Weekend Update” Introduces the World to Eric Trump – “Eric Trump (Alex Moffat) has become a regular staple on the show with Donald Trump Jr. (Mikey Day), bringing along his Cheerios, fidget spinners and kid-size backpack.”
  5. Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer as the Easter Bunny – “Loudly addressing a group of children at the White House looking for eggs, and first spoke about his flub [sic] earlier that week, claiming Adolf Hitler never used chemical weapons on his own people and later called concentration camps ‘Holocaust centers,’ McCarthy said, ‘Spicey finally screwed up. you got me… I clearly meant to say ‘concentration clubs.'”
  6. Kellyanne Conway Transforma Into “It” Clown – “During Oct. 14’s Kumail Nanjiani-hosted episode, Pennywise the Clown from It took the form of Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway and appeared to terrorize Anderson Cooper (Alex Moffat).”
  7. Kate McKinnon’s Jeff Sessions is Forrest Gump – “‘My name’s Jeff Sessions,’ McKinnon told Leslie Jones while sitting on a bus bench. ‘I’m the attorney General of the whole United States.'”
  8. Trump Picks Top Adviser in Reality TV-Style Elimination Ceremony – “Celebrating Trump’s first 100 days in office, Alec Baldwin appeared as Trump in April with Beck Bennett’s Vice President Mike Pence, while Bannon (in the form of the Grim Reaper) and his ‘little kush ball,’ Jared Kushner, played by cool guy Jimmy Fallon entering to ‘You’re unbelievable.'”
  9. Trump’s Thoughts on Harvey Weinstein – “‘Mr. President, I would never do that with you.’ Manafort said, to which Trump replied, ‘That’s what she said… Speaking of which, what an idiot that Harvey Weinstein is. He could’ve gotten away with all of it if only he’d gotten himself elected president.'”
  10. Melania Moments – “In the Beck Bennett-narrated sketches, Melania (Strong) looks out her Trump Tower and wondered: ‘What happens to them? To the people? Once they leave Fifth Avenue? Where do they go? Do they disappear? Is there a Sixth Avenue?'”

For more details, read ‘SNL’ in the White House: 10 Most Memorable Trump Sketches of 2017.

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