Matt Lauer Fired from the Today Show After Multiple Sexual Assault Allegations

Image: NBC News

As more and more women come forward with allegations of sexual assault, more well-known men’s careers fall to pieces. Most recently, Matt Lauer has been fired from NBC’s, “The Today Show” on Wednesday, November 27, 2017, after multiple sexual assault allegations. The first complaint was submitted by one of his female coworkers regarding Lauer’s inappropriate actions during the Sochi Olympics in 2014. These same inappropriate actions then continued in the workplace.

Later on Wednesday, after Lauer was fired, two more complaints came to fruition. Two of Lauer’s colleagues, Savannah Guthrie and Hota Kotb revealed Lauer’s firing to the audience and were quote “heartbroken” for both Lauer and the colleague who came forward. Guthrie also says “How do you reconcile your love for someone with the revelation that they have behaved badly? And I don’t know the answer to that,”. Al Roker, longtime coworker and friend of Lauer says that he is “still trying to process the news.”

In a memo released to staff, NBC Chairman Andrew Lack says “It (the allegation) represented a clear violation of our company’s standards. As a result, we’ve decided to terminate his (Lauer’s) employment”. While this was Matt Lauer’s first complaint filed against him in 20 years of working for NBC, Lack says there was, “reason to believe” that it may not have been an isolated incident.

Lauer is now the second-morning show host to be fired for sexual assault claims in just the past 2 weeks, the first being Charlie Rose of CBS’s “This Morning.”

The amount of well-known men in media who have been able to sit under the radar for so long is truly alarming. This huge swarm of women coming forward and addressing their assaulters is a huge and crucial step towards the eventual elimination of sexual harassment in media altogether.

More info will be posted as it comes in.

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