How Has a Spanish Song Been Topping the Charts in the US?

Image: TUC Magazine

For just about the past month, ‘Despacito’ by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee and featuring Justin Beiber has been the song at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. Not only has Beiber become the only artist to have two consecutive #1 songs, but needless to say, non-English songs don’t sit atop the charts in the United States too often. The song is the first mostly Spanish-language song to claim the spot since ‘Macarena’ in 1996. The only other Spanish song in history to top the charts in the US was ‘La Bamba,’ according to Forbes.

Image: The Washington Post

The original song, which has over a billion views on YouTube, was released in January 2017 and had rapidly climbed to the top of the charts in Latin America and Europe, but in the United States, it wasn’t until Bieber remixed the song in April that it began making its way to the top.

According to Billboard, when the remix was released on YouTube, it had approximately twenty million views in the first twenty-four hours and became the biggest debut of a music video on the site in 2017 thus far.

Luis Fonsi commented on the original track’s success on AOL’s Build recently.

We’re taking over ‘Macarena,’ baby. It’s amazing. It’s a blessing. It’s been such an amazing ride ever since we released the song with Daddy Yankee first thing this year. It just started connecting with people.

Fonsi also talked about the importance of Beiber’s remix of the song.

He wanted to join the movement and he asked us to be a part of the song, which I think is great for Latin music to have such a huge superstar to want to sing a song in Spanish.

In the end, we must to ask the question to which we all want the answer—how long will it stay on the top? It’s impossible to tell. ‘La Bamba’ sat at the top of the charts for three weeks, but ‘Despacito’ has already been the top for six weeks. Is it ever going to come down?

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