2016: A Year to Forget

Image: Advance Happy New Year 2017

2016 has surely been an interesting year, from the U.S. election to scandals between famous actors, this year has had an effect on everyone and anything. The year started off with bad news like the worsening ties between Saudi Arabia and Iran and the Zika Virus outbreak. The issues furthered after the country of North Korea fired a rocket into space, causing concerns and issues with the United Nations and causing many to have concerns about a worse threat to the country that had spiked against the western world for a long time now and continuing far after in September when the North Korean government conducts another nuclear weapon test, causing a further effect of worsening ties with other country governments.

It was also a year of fear and anger against the Muslim religion and the Middle East due to terrorist attacks by ISIS, assaults such as the one on March 22 when three bombs went off in a Brussels airport killing 32 and injuring over 250 others and another attack in Istanbul in the Ataturk Airport which killed 45 and injured at least 230. Records were broken, records such as the deadliest shooting in United States history: the Pulse Nightclub Shooting.

As all Americans know, 2016 brought one of the most hated United States election in history. A constant fight between the Republican nominee and businessman Donald J. Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The ideals of the two sparked a separation between the country. It stoked the fire of hatred between man and caused countless fights over the smallest of things. Stereotypes started as Trump supporters were viewed as being uneducated white-trash and Clinton supporters were radical over-exaggerating obnoxious “feminazis.” It ultimately ended with everyone’s favorite toupee-wearing loud-mouthed Cheeto named Donald Trump being elected, but not without debate sparking. Many accused the President-Elect of getting assistance in the election from Russia, saying that the Russian government hacked American poll systems in Trump’s favor.

The year ends with what seemed like a replay of the trigger of World War I with the Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov, being assassinated. The ties between Turkey and Russia seemed to get weaker due to this event and when Turkey shot down a Russian war plane.

Every year brings about the “infinite end” to at least three celebrities career, but 2016 brought about a far vaster spectrum of death. From the famous boxer, Muhammad Ali to Star Wars’s own Carrie Fisher. Others who died were the singer Prince and David Bowie. The lead singer of Wham!, George Michael, everyone’s favorite half and half lemonade golfer, Arnold Palmer, the Willy Wonka, Blazing Saddles, and Young Frankenstein star, Gene Wilder, Eagles singer and guitarist, Glenn Frey, all tragically passed away last year. 2016 also took some major political figures as well, including John Glenn, the famous astronaut who later became a Senator, and Nancy Reagan, former First Lady as the husband of Ronald Reagan. Hell, the CIA had countless assassination attempts on Fidel Castro, and 2016 finally killed him off leaving many Cuban refugees during the time of Castro’s regime feeling relieved and mighty, but leaving many millennials left agitated and angry over the death of a “freedom figure”.

Though 2016 seemed like a year of destruction and chaos, some major advancements to society happened this year including a development to a cure to ebola. The United States of America and China, the two major pollution producers in the world, agreed to ratify a limit on the amount of greenhouse gasses produced, known as the Paris Climate Deal. They celebrated the event with a major fireworks display… Hypocrites.

2016 should prove as an example to all of us that to go to reach success and improvement, one must go through countless pain and agony and only then do you truly appreciate the happy times. Now is the time to change and to fix the issues. Don’t take the words “New year, new me” as a simple phrase, do it. Change for the better, not for worse so we can have a better, brighter year. This is 2017, live it.


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