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Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State: Inside Look at the Outsider

Image: Zimbio

Donald Trump’s candidates for Secretary of State seemed like quite a bunch, with former New York governor, Rudy Guiliani, 2012 republican candidate, Mitt Romney, sucking up to the man he insulted during the months prior, and even General David Petraeus, but on Tuesday, it came as a shock to many as President-Elect Donald Trump had announced Rex Tillerson, the CEO of the major gas company, Exxon mobile, as his choice for Secretary of State.

I can think of no one more prepared and no one more dedicated to serve as secretary of state at this critical time in our history

Tillerson is being chosen for his many ties with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, which included installing oil rigs in Russian-controlled Antarctic waters, and this worries many senators as for how close the Russian Order of Friendship recipient’s ties may be.

The possible secretary-to-be may face many challenges getting confirmation from the dominant republican senate, as they view Tillerson as a possible threat to the Sanctions between U.S. and Russia. With this inevitable fight between the senate on the horizon, Donald Trump has prepared a striking force to combat the negative views by achieving support from past Secretaries of State Condoleeza Rice and James Baker.

By stating his disapproval of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)wanting to mend ties with Russia, and recognizing the Republic of China (versus the People’s Republic of China), Trump has managed to stir up emotions around the world. He hasn’t even been inaugurated yet, and this is leading to many speculating whether he is a good choice for foreign affairs, yet the choice for Tillerson may be a step in the right direction.

Influential members of the senate, such as Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham, and John McCain, have questioned the ties between Tillerson and the Russian Government.

Tillerson has acquired many skills throughout his years as head of Exxon: needing to play his own games of politics, talking with foreign governments to work out deals, and more.

Tillerson’s skills go past just foreign affairs, as he was also a member of the Boy Scouts in Texas becoming a proud Eagle Scout, thirty-third President of the Boy Scouts, and supporting homosexuals to be able to join the boy scouts which may put a positive step forward for Donald Trump when it comes to gaining support from the LGBT Community.

While it may seem like Tillerson’s diplomatic areas are quite vast, its the exact opposite for his views on climate change and the environment. When asked about his views on climate change, Rex Tillerson simply mentioned the fact that there are other issues that we must encounter first.

There are much more pressing priorities that we as a human being race and society need to deal with.

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