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Joe Biden: 2020 Vision?

Image: White House

With the election season behind us, many citizens are left astonished, disappointed, and even hateful with the results. Rioting in the streets, best of friends becoming the worst of enemies, it’s quite true that the heart makes friends, but the mind makes enemies.

The candidates made many disturbed and even almost vomit. The American people had to choose from a pantsuit with faulty emails and husband or an orange airhorn who cannot keep his mouth shut with a love for grabbing p***y. I know what you are thinking… No, people couldn’t turn to a third-party candidate either, on one side there was a crazy treehugger and on the other was a pothead hippie.

Just as the country was splitting, the parties were too. The Republican Party was and still is feuding over Donald Trump and his ideas while the Democratic Party had a split decision between Hillary Clinton and the great, almighty Bernie Sanders, yet there seemed a destined hero they all loved, Joe Biden.

Biden was a staple for the Democratic Party, a figure to continue the much-loved Barrack Obama’s agenda throughout four more years, but the party took it as a tragedy when Biden refused to run and I, a Republican, would of much rather had Biden above any of the pool of candidates we had.

For these next four years, the Democratic Party will be in shambles with the GOP-controlled government, but it is a nice thought to think that Biden may run in 2020. Recently, Biden announced his thoughts of running in 2020 to go against Trump. Biden recently stated in an interview on the Colbert show stating, 

Hell, Donald Trump is going to be 74 and I’ll be 77 and in better shape.

Biden was originally planning on running in 2016 but decided against it after the traumatic and terrible death of his son, Beau Biden.

Biden’s views follow many of that of Obama: pro-life, climate change, basically everything. He is a firm believer in same-sex marriage and that discrimination against sexual orientation is a hate-crime. When it comes to religion, Biden says it all when he spoke at the University of Pittsburg in 2011:

I find it preposterous that we’re debating whether or not a man is qualified or worthy of your vote based on whether or not his religion is a disqualifying provision. It is not. It is embarrassing and we should be ashamed, anyone who thinks that way.

It seems like the 2020 race is going to be a morning jog for the local senior citizen center. Trump will be 74, Bernie Sanders will be 79, and Biden will be 77 creating an election that’ll be much like Reagan’s second term.

Though 2020 seems like a deal away and many factors with the Trump administration will definitely cause changes in the Republican Party, it is needed to look forward and see the candidates to be before we have another horror like the 2016 election. What we need is not old liberals and conservatives that can remember Hiroshima bombings, but a fresh, new and young JFK-esque candidate to lead us to our future and provide a change to the better such as the young Republican senator of Arkansas, Tom Cotton, at age 39 being the youngest in the Senate, he was a possibility for Trump’s choice for Secretary of Defense before General James Mattis took that role.

Image: Narcity

Though we may all argue for who would be the best choice for president, we can all agree a young Joe Biden would have made a great James Bond.

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