One dead, Nine Injured at Ohio State University After Attack

Image: USA Today

Earlier this morning, nine students at Ohio State University were stabbed by a local Somali student of the school who recently became a permanent citizen of the United States, and whose name was confirmed to be Abdul Razak Ali Artan. Initially, the police department believed that there was more than one attacker, but after observing multiple buildings that were supposedly hiding multiple shooters, they narrowed it down to just one.

Jerry Kovacich, a student at the university, said that the fire alarm had started to ring, and then the man whose motive was unknown used a family member’s car to drive onto the curb and injure the students standing outside of Watts Hall. Most likely, the large crowd of students was standing outside of the building because a fluorine leak was reported to have occurred inside of the university’s chairman of materials science and engineering Peter Anderson’s lab earlier that morning.

According to Chief Craig Stone, the silent attacker then exited the car and started to cut the students with his butcher knife, but luckily an officer arrived at the location in under a minute and stopped the man from continuing his attack. Soon after the policeman resolved the conflict, reports of a shooter inside of Watts Hall arrived. The University’s Emergency Management Twitter sent out a message to its followers that told them to stay safe and to find shelter. Students inside of the buildings on the massive campus barricaded doors and hoped to stay safe as the attacks subsided.

The man was then fatally shot by police during another attempt to stab students at the university with a large knife. Fortunately, these issues were resolved very quickly because the university’s highly trained police department arrived at the attacks just in time to prevent further harm to the students and staff. Many of the buildings reopened at around 11:15 this morning, but over a dozen remained closed for further inspection.

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